Building a web application with Angular and <framework>. Part 0.1

After spending a few days trying to get ASP.NET 5.0 up and running on my computer, I am giving up for now. No matter what I tried I could not get it to work. I’ll probably get back to it in the future, but for now I’m going down another path. That path may be Nancy. It looks like a nice framework to work with, and it runs on Mono. I don’t know if I need it to run on Mono, but the option is nice to have.

I’ll still be using Angular for the front-end, and I’m still going to use Gulp to build my project, at least the front-end part. I’ll make the next part after getting Nancy up and running, and returning a “Hello world!” on request from my Angular app. I think…

Building a web application with Angular and ASP.NET 5. Part 0

I’ve been playing with the thought of using Angular and ASP.NET 5 for a rewrite of a part of the system I maintain at work. The original system is made in Classic ASP – using VBScript – and is a hornets nest of nested iframes. The rewrite will involve dropping a few never used features and making better (?) implementations of existing functionality.

But where do I start… I already wrote a prototype in MVC 5. So I have a slight clue of what I want the end result to look like. I’m no designer so Bootstrap will play a big role in creating the visuals for this app.

The app itself is a survey application. I work in a company that creates and delivers work environment surveys. This involves a lot of interesting backend solutions that may be the topic for future posts, but not right now. (Sending unique emails to thousands of recipients without getting blacklisted, Creating reports for print (PDF) and PowerPoint using HTML/CSS and PhantomJS..)

I want to get a build-system up and running. For this I will be using Gulp. I could probably use yeoman to generate a scaffold for me, but I want to do everything from the bottom up. I’m not sure how I want to build this app at all, but I have taken quite a few Pluralsight courses that should be helpful.

My build-setup and everything needed to get a “Hello World” complete with livereload is going to be Part 1. (Presuming I’ll be able to stay on the blogging wagon for a while this time)

Relevant links:
AngularJS: Get Started – Scott Allen
AngularJS: Fundamentals – Joe Eames, Jim Cooper
ASP.NET 5: First Look – Scott Allen
AngularJS Patterns: Clean Code – John Papa
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