The new MacBook, it’s not for you.

So apple “just” launched the new MacBook. And it’s stunning. 13.1mm thin, 0.9kg light. It’s awesome. But it’s not for you.


You know, You… The one that keeps complaining about all the stuff it’s missing. That it only has one USB 3.1 Type-C port (it also has a headphone jack by the way). That it’s CPU is way too slow and that it’s not upgradeable in any way. It’s not for you.

It’s for someone who wants a thin and nice travel companion with just enough space and just enough oomph. If you need to have terabytes of storage, this is not for you. If you need to connect 8 usb devices at the same time, this is not for you.

Why would you need all these usb connections? Mobile broadband? My phone can share it’s connection via wifi. Doesn’t every phone do this by now? Mouse? Surely you can get a BT mouse if you really need one, but do you really need one? Printer? Most printers the last few years have been wireless unless you venture in the “our price is so low, new ink costs more than the printer”-market.

“And it runs OS X”. Well, yes. It’s a mac. But you can get an equivalent machine for Windows use also.


The Asus Zenbook UX305. Is this one for you? I don’t know, you may decide. It’s essentially the same machine hardware wise. It has 3 USB 3.0 ports, although they are not USB-C, so no DisplayPort. It has a mini-HDMI port, but who has mini-HDMI anyway. You’ll need a dongle for that.

My point is if you can’t see why in the world anyone would buy any of these, it’s not for you. Apple has a whole product range of laptops, from the 11″ MacBook Air, to the 15″ retina MacBook Pro. And if you don’t like Apple, then don’t buy a MacBook at all. Buy the Zenbook. Or if you want something bigger, buy something bigger. But stop complaining that something doesn’t fit you when it’s not made for you!